School of Information & Communication Technology (SICT) has been around since the establishment of IIC itself in 2001. Starting from a humble beginning, the school is now well-equipped with professional and well-trained staff from various IT expertise as well as state-of-the-art equipments. SICT believes in the spirit of discipline and creativity, as most subject taught by the school demands critical thinking in problem solving and stringent discipline in their practice. It is our dream that one day we can thrive as the best school in IT related field in the region.

The school currently has 8 Computer Labs equipped with the latest software and peripherals in order to assist students practically in IT fields. The variety of labs include various operating systems such as Microsoft's Windows, Linux (open source) and even Macintosh to allow students to get accustomed to the myriad of platforms available. In handling the labs, SICT works closely to its sister department, the Information Technology Department, in matters regarding lab maintenance and management.

SICT offers core subjects to be taken by students of Diploma in Computer Science, Diploma in Information Technology and Certificate in Computer Technology. Besides that we also offer common IT subjects as elective to students from all other courses in IIC. SICT is also directly involved in industrial training which is compulsory for every students pursuing the former two courses.

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Open register to all student
by Zulhasnizam Hasan - Friday, December 7, 2012, 4:17 PM

For all student..please register and enroll your subject..

If u have any problem regarding this system please dont hesitate to ask for help here ..TQ


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